Oh Don't You Cry for Me


Oh Don't You Cry For Me is a collection of short fiction that was a finalist for the Jefferson Prize and one of two books from the contest the Jefferson Press published. The book is filled with zany and colorful characters worthy of the utmost compassion or contempt—or perhaps both. A Bible-beating preacher of the literal kind, a tattoo-covered man who plies dead armadillos with empty beer cans, a mother bent on retaliating against her daughter's attacker, and scores of other obsessive and temperamental personalities wander and collide in this striking collection. Running throughout the book is the recurrent theme of denial, or unshakable naiveté, in the face of disaster and its inevitable consequences. Anchored by the last piece, a cinematic, suspenseful account of a young attorney and her jealous lovers—these tales deliver a hard-hitting assortment of skillful storytelling.

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